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As we have all seen and heard throughout the media, we are in the midst of trying financial times.  We continue to hear about the credit crisis and how it has affected all levels of businesses and their ability to obtain financing in order to operate or expand their business.  At US Dairy Finance, we are constantly monitoring our programs and our ability to provide competitive financing for our clients.  We maintain regular communication with our lenders in order that we may be able to adjust our marketing if necessary.  We are pleased to report that our programs have gone largely unaffected by this economic roller coaster.  We continue to be able to provide sound financing for our clients, both short and long term.  In short, “We are open for business and business is good”.  Please contact us with any questions you might have regarding financing for your operation. 

Danny Harris

At US Dairy Finance, we recognize the fact that all dairies are not created equal. We also know that all financing is not created equal. Because we know these two facts to be true, we have assembled a wide variety of lenders that cater specifically to the Dairy Industry. The fact that these lenders specialize in dairy financing, means that they understand the needs and wants of those that make their living in this industry. Our staff has the experience and expertise to work with you to put a financing program together that is tailored to your specific needs.

We offer programs to fit 3 specific areas of Dairy Finance:

  1. Facility Financing
  2. Herd Financing
  3. Operating Lines of Credit

Our programs are designed to fit the needs of the dairyman. We can provide financing for a new dairy, including land, or we can remodel your parlor, corrals, add shades, or whatever improvement will make your dairy run more efficient. We offer terms up to 25 years for projects with real estate. We also have equipment leasing available for trucks, tractors, or any other rolling stock. Learn more about our Dairy Facility Financing...

We have a variety of herd financing programs to fit dairies of all sizes. From the dairy that is milking 2,000 head, to the dairy that is on the rise and milking 50, we have the ability to assist you with your needs. We have lines of credit, term loans, and leasing programs to fit the needs of most any dairy. Learn more about our Dairy Herd Financing...

Whether you have an existing operating line that needs evaluating, or you need a new line altogether, we have a plan for your situation. Let us assist you in taking advantage of prepaid discounts or other price advantages by having an adequate operating line of credit for your dairy. With today’s increasing prices for feed, supplies, and services, there has never been a better time to establish an operating line for your facility. Learn more about Dairy Operating Lines of Credit...

US Dairy Financing If you would like to find out how our team can assist you in financing your next project, please contact us at:

US Dairy Finance
12019 Advance Dr.
Houston, TX 77065
Danny   281-382-9056 cell  danny@usdairyfinance.com

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