Facility Financing

Dairy Facility Financing

Our programs are designed to fit the needs of the dairyman. We can provide financing for a new dairy, including land, or we can remodel your parlor, corrals, add shades, or whatever improvement will make your dairy run more efficient. We offer terms up to 25 years for projects with real estate. We also have equipment leasing available for trucks, tractors, or any other rolling stock.

Types of operations that qualify:

  1. Corporate or Individually owned facilities.
  2. 50 head of cattle up to 5,000 is the minimum requirement. If you have over 5,000 head please contact us.
  3. The dairy must be in operation in the continental U.S.

Types of projects that qualify:

  1. New construction.
  2. Remodel-equipment, barn, corrals, etc.
  3. Acquisition of an existing operation.

Qualification will vary, but as a general rule, the following is a basic list:

  1. Minimum 15% equity in the project- 20% if project is a startup*
  2. Adequate(1.2X) historical or projected cash flow (with reasonable assumptions).
  3. Minimum 4 years Dairy Management experience**
  4. Citizen or Resident Alien (Green Card).
  5. No Felony Criminal Record***

*-Cash must be verified as to its origin and its actual existence, equity may also be in the form of unencumbered assets such as equipment, land, livestock, etc.

**-Actively participating in family owned Dairy qualifies.

***-Certain Felony convictions can be appealed for lending purposes.